What We Do

Maon Homes offers Real Estate services through a Team of experienced estate Surveyors and Valuers. Our Staff are Passionate About our priority -To Fulfill Client’s Real Estate Needs

Real Estate Development & Services

We Acquire and Develop Properties.

As Part of our Service, we Can Negotiate the Sale or Lease of Clients Properties and Businesses,

Collect the Rent or Manage their Rental Portfolio.

Project Management

Maon Homes is an Integrated Project Management Consulting Company.

Our Value and Strength Lies in the Vast Experience Of our Staff in the Areas of Project Management.

We can advise on Residential, Retail and Commercial
Developments, Leading to optimal Management
of projects and control of Project Quality and Costs.

We will custom Designthe Entire Building using
Recognized Project Management Processes
And Systems and “best practices”.

Architectural Design

In line with providing Quality and Innovative
Services to our clients,

At Maon Homes, We Deploy Modern Technology to Make
Affordable and Modern Home Designs that
Add Uniqueness to your Property Acquisition.

Our Reliable and Experienced Team of Architects are always available to advise you on optimal Designs in Terms of Cost and Quality.